I wash my face in the kitchen sink.  Is that weird?  Well, I have to explain that the-one-and-only bathroom in our house is super tiny.  There is no elbow room around the sink for washing one’s face (there is hardly elbow room for washing your hands, for pete’s sake…) AND if I do attempt washing my face in the tiny-no-elbow-room-sink I always end up splashing water over the whole bathroom.  It’s not pretty.

The other reason for washing my face in the kitchen sink is that all the items I use to wash my face are found in the kitchen!  (And not because I keep my commercial face wash in the kitchen, see, I don’t use commercial face wash.)

For years I’ve suffered from hormonal acne.  The only thing more discouraging than being a 30 (plus) year old woman with crazy teenage-looking “pizza face” is spending lots of money on products to fix the problem and have nothing work.

About a year and a half ago I gave up on commercial skin care products.  For me, the expense was not worth the results — or lack thereof.  I had read about the Oil Cleansing Method and decided to give it a try because, what did I have to lose?  Honestly, I was not surprised to find it worked better at improving my complexion than the commercial cleansers I had been using.  

While I was happier with the oil cleansing method it was not the answer to my acne problem.  I was still experiencing regular breakouts just not of the same magnitude as before. My next experiments included washing with a baking soda paste and oatmeal paste.  Both items were soothing and softening to my complexion but still not the answer.  Using apple cider vinegar as a spot treatment helped to clear up breakouts much faster but didn’t do much to prevent them in the first place.     

It’s a good thing I’m so crazy about Pinterest because while browsing there I found this article.  Turns out this was the answer!

So, now this is how I was my face.SkinCareCollage

 HONEY was the missing ingredient!  Then a little baking soda and a little ground oatmeal with a little water to make a paste.  Read the article for the exact method and if you are interested in the scientific reasons it works.

I follow up the wash routine with a healthy swipe of skin brightening toner, it has really reduced the size of my pores and lightened my acne scars.  Oh, and brightened my complexion.  

My skin looks better than it has in years and I spend only pennies every month on skin care instead of big bucks on commercial products.

Do you have any interesting (or weird, weird is okay here) DIY beauty secrets to share?

Kitchen Sink Skincare

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