Here is an example for you:  I stopped buying plastic sandwich and freezer bags.

I’d like to be able to tell you I stopped buying them because of environmental reasons or health reasons, or some other noble pursuit.  But being truly honest, it’s just because I’m cheap.

Instead of buying something with the intent of throwing it away we are using our resealable containers instead.  I also save plastic bread bags and waxed paper cereal bags (yeah, really) for times when I just need disposable bag.  It only takes a few seconds to clean out the crumbs and fold up the bag.edit201

And yes, I know all about the super cute reusable fabric snack and sandwich bags.  I think they are a wonderful option for those of us who want to make less waste. (But right now I’m too cheap to buy those, too, since I’m getting by just fine with things we already have.)

This is just one example of my cheapness.  Or maybe I’m just weird?  Tell me I’m not the only one who has odd, frugal habits. 

I am Cheap, Folks

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